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THC Gummies 1000mg UK

(4 customer reviews)

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1000mg THC Gummies by High Dose are made with high quality THC distillate which is derived from high quality cannabis strains.

Each package contains 1 gummy with 1000mg of THC

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THC Gummies 1000mg UK

Buy THC Gummies 1000mg UK

High Dose’s 1000mg THC Gummies are made with premium THC distillate sourced from premium cannabis strains. With some buddies, unwind while consuming these potent delicacies. The west coast way of life, which involves lounging on the beach, surfing, skating, and getting wasted with pals, served as the inspiration for High Dose Gummies.

These candies are ideal for one person, if they’re daring enough, or to share with a group of friends. These candies are available in traditional flavors that suit all palates. In order to chill down and get really baked, we recommend enjoying these delicacies with lots of cannabis and some pals.

There is one gummy with 1000 mg of THC in each packet.


Watermelon, Tangerine, Strawberry, Tropical Punch, Blue Raspberry, and Cherry

We advise storing your edibles in a cool, dry location to keep them fresher for longer. The best solution is usually a fridge, especially after the packet has been opened.

High Dose THC Gummies with 1000 mg

There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to THC edible dosage. The length and intensity of your THC edible experience will depend on a number of factors, including your body type, previous cannabis use, and whether or not you ate that day. It takes trial and error and time to find the ideal edibles dosage. If you’re just starting out, it’s best to go low and slow













Cherry, Blackberry, Watermelon, Tangerine, Strawberry, Tropical Punch

4 reviews for THC Gummies 1000mg UK

  1. jonny p

    aste is strong, but so is the high! i usually chase nasty tasting edibles with candy, like cinnamon hearts.
    Going to buy again

  2. marli

    I wasn’t a real fan of the taste but it did not disappoint with regards to potency.

  3. Nick

    irst of all, I tried the strawberry flavour and it tasted terrible!!! Like strawberry candy, weed, and chemicals. Grateful I had a piece of chocolate beside me to get the taste out of my mouth. However, I still give it 5/5 stars because it works amazingly well! I have a high tolerance after 10+ years of eating strong edibles. 45 minutes after I ate 1/3 of this candy, I could feel it kicking in. When I got back from walking the dog, my husband could tell I’d tried something new and was SUPER stoned. Highly recommended and would definitely repurchase

  4. jonny p

    hey’re great , pack a punch , not for a novice

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